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All Russians Allegedly Like Metal

April 19, 2011

      My Name Is by Shellie Lewis, 8” x 10” [20×25 cm], acrylics on canvas

I have a friend who is Russian and everyone writes his name wrong.  I have never seen anyone, other than himself and his girlfriend, write his name correctly in English.  It’s a simple two syllable, four letter name.  I think by now I have seen every misspelling of his name that is possible.

I owed him a housewarming gift.  A new apartment, and everyone who moved in had gotten a gift from me by now but him.  I was way overdue but I needed an idea.  I made this little painting in gray, black and silver with the acrylic dispersion technique that is so fun.   I showed it to Hockey Blogger Boyfriend, and he was puzzled by this painting.

HBB:  It looks good.  Why is there a skull?

Me:  It’s for Ilya.  He likes Metal.

HBB:  Typical Russian.

Whether or not all Russians allegedly like Metal is open for debate.  The fact that my fellow Americans have trouble spelling is safely confirmed.



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