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Artist Tip: Scan a Painting

April 16, 2011

Death’s Head Hawkmoth by Shellie Lewis, acrylics, 6” x 8”

If you scan a smaller painting, it is a lot better than trying to get a good photograph.  There is good color and no lens distortion.  You do not have to worry about the background or areas around the art work showing.  This works well with drawings, too.  Anything you can fit on a scanner, scan at 150 dpi or higher and save the file as a Photoshop document.

Then you can tweak the color; I adjust the levels [Image: Adjustments: Levels].  Press Control + I [Apple + I] to change the image size and change the image file size to 72 dpi for web publishing and use the “bicubic sharper for reduction” drop down box for clarity.  You can change the outer dimensions of the image here also, height and width.  To save, select “save for web & devices” to save a .jpeg for the art work.

There are people who are making art directly onto scanners with wet paint, ink and other media here.  I have a post about single purpose flatbed scanners being harder to find here with my opinion about market controls by manufacturers.

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