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Basic Information: Fast Color Field Background

April 13, 2011

I was starting a new canvas and decided that it was in my best interest to paint the whole canvas a solid color rather than try to fill in the background color around the main image.  I will often just use a brush to paint in a large space, but I tried something different this time.  After mixing the color I wanted, I used my palette knife to wipe the paint onto the 24” x 36” canvas until it was all covered.  This application was not even, but a lot of paint was applied quickly. 

Like frosting a cake, lines of thicker paint were made between passes of the knife; so I took a 2” hardware store paint brush to level out the paint over the entire surface.  I added more paint to the areas that were too dry or thin.  This resulted in a nice application of paint with brush stria running the length of the canvas from top to bottom and was just what I wanted.  If you wanted something smoother you could have to look into a roller brush with a thinner paint, spray paint or an airbrush application.

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