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Daytime Television…

April 10, 2011


Gets Higher Education by Shellie Lewis, acrylics on canvas, 24” x 36”

When I was a little kid, I was aware that there was inequality in life but I had faith that people would keep working on making things fair and there would be a lot of improvement by the time I was an adult.  After all, we were all Americans.

At my age, I am sad that things have gone backwards instead of forwards.  I did some primary research on toys for children and have concluded that sexism and inflexible gender divisions are a lot worse now than they were in the 1980s.  Dealing with graduate schools has sickened me because with a majority of the institutions I have encountered reflect a faculty, administration and student body that is overwhelmingly white and upper class.  A perfect example is former President George W. Bush who was rejected from a state school in Texas because his academic record was so poor but used his family wealth and political influence to gain unmerited entry to Yale.

I have no reason to think that anything has changed in current times or that the playing field is level and based on academic merit.  Wealth and political connections have more control over access to higher education and the best ranked schools, and the cost of an education is anywhere from prohibitive to impossible for too many people.  The poor and people of color are more frequently consigned to the work force or lower level academic institutions such as trade schools and community colleges.  No rich man’s son ever entered into military service hoping to benefit from the GI Bill.

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