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No One Takes You Seriously by Shellie Lewis

April 7, 2011


No One Takes You Seriously by Shellie Lewis, acrylics, 24×36” [61×91 cm]

“Twinkie” has a history of usage to indicate that someone is a dork, not credible or clueless, such as “that guy is a total Twinkie.”  This pre-dates the usage of “Twinkie” as a slang term for Asian-Americans that are culturally “white” or the usage as a term for a cute gay boy that is otherwise vapid or dim-witted. 

I always found this cartoon to be one of the more phallic examples of junk food illustrations, wonder why its creators had ascribed it to be a cowboy and continue to wonder about the American advertising obsession with personifying our food.  Why can’t food just be food?? 

Of course, few things are as annoying as the urban hipster, often identifiable through appropriated incongruous, artificial or pretentious modes of fashion.  “Inner city cowboy” is being used as a symbol for the pretentious hipster, the creator of an artificial persona used to drive self-importance, reinforced by the hands-free cellular headset.  I actually like my cellular phone and headset and use them to talk to friends while walking the dogs, doing the dishes, or painting; but I’m not a surgeon, doctor or the President, and I don’t flaunt the things like I am so important I must be able to be reached at all times.  Technological toys as badges of self-importance are among the irritants particular to our times.     

I found this random image online; maybe attachment to tech toys is escalating to a medical condition.

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