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Artist Tip: UV Blocking Recipe

April 5, 2011

The current sales catalog for Jerry’s Artarama [March 2011] had a recipe for a two part varnish to conserve 2-D art against the effects of ultraviolet light fading.  I pay attention to the catalogs because Jerry’s takes an interest in processes and techniques of making art, and I thought it unusual that this recipe calls for two products from different manufacturers.

This recipe was given as information to specifically protect watercolor on stretched watercolor media canvas or panel; but I feel the recipe would work for many other kinds of media, especially a painting that had delicate washes or fragile brush strokes.

The first step is to apply several coats of Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Coating in gloss [#1305] or matte [#1309] from a spray can.  This would seal the work for brush on layers of varnish for the second step, which is recommended as being two coats of GOLDEN UVLS Polymer Varnish.  Both of these are relatively new products from their manufacturers.  This may be worth investing in if you are concerned about the colors of your art fading from sunlight or fluorescent light exposure.  If you are framing a piece with a mat and glass, there is also UV filtering glass which is costly.  I was taught as a framer that UV protective glass is good to archival for color preservation.

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