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The Perfect Neighborhood

March 24, 2011

Yesterday, I ran into a film crew for some CBS television show taking up a lot of street space, startingone street over from my apartment.  They are still filming now, about 48 hours later.  My ‘hoos is mobbed with semi trucks, box trailers, police squad cars and people moving around tons of equipment.  I love my neighborhood, but I’m not alone; camera crews love my neighborhood.

This is about the fifth camera crew that I’ve come across in the past fourteen months, shooting footage of the neighborhood as the “perfect” Chicago neighborhood.  There have been news crews and student film makers and more.  They either focus on the mixed stretch off the L stop that has apartments over the store fronts or the residential buildings, mostly two flat brick buildings and large apartment buildings from the 1920s.  Here is a short video showing the area. It’s really cold, it snowed yesterday & I’m fighting off the flu right now.  I thought it would be interesting to show you.

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