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February 23, 2011

I went to a restaurant on Devon Avenue with friends last Sunday, and it rained a lot.  I have been wanting to take nice pictures of the colorful window displays for months.  I had to settle for rapid shots taken between jamming my crummy little pocket camera in and out of my coat.  {There are two immediate ways to kill a camera: drop it badly or get it wet.}  I will have to try again in the summer.  Every time I make it to Devon since last summer, it has rained!

For people outside of Chicago, Devon & Western is the heart of the local Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern shopping and restaurant zone.  Curries of all kinds and grilling kebabs waft through the air.  There are housewares shops, clothing shops, grocers and electronics.  There are oddball shops with such a muddles array of things where you look in and try to discern what the main merchandise is, only to decide that they’re selling, literally, anything that they can.  I love to bring home teas, spices and treats from Sukhadia’s Sweets; and daydream about the dazzling and bright clothing transported from a Bollywood film. 

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