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Artist of the Week: Daniel Gonzalez

February 12, 2011

Pimp Art History by Daniel Gonzalez

If I have a motto in life, it could possibly be “I love shiny shit.”  I would make a great magpie, because I get all excited over shiny zazzle.  Artist Daniel Gonzalez has hit a watershed year in 2010 for shiny art with huge, light reflecting sequined canvases.  They knock you over in person and there is no sign of the end in sight with this series.  Ancient Arabs believed that vision was possible because the eyes shot rays out at the world, but the Gonzalez sequin pieces prove the opposite as a zillion rays of light joyously attack your retinas.

His website describes the canvases and banner pieces:

“I make magic with reality.  I transform it using its own rules, changing the world one sequin at a time.

The banner-paintings are delirious, sexy and filled with energy.

They are spaces of freedom where existing conventions collapse.”

These Gonzalez works are actually similar to a traditional Haitian Voodoo art form; heavily sequined Loa flags are worn, danced with and carried by Ounsi faithful in ceremonies.  If you are not familiar with the art of Voodoo, it is a deeply artistic religion and the Loa flags are beautiful; I have seen a few in person.  Google Image Search some examples.  Each flag is dedicated to a particular Loa.  I do not know if Daniel Gonzalez has ever seen this traditional religious art form, but the brilliant effect of his paintings and banners made of sequins is similar.

Here is a 30 second short video with some details of his sequin canvases in person:


Daniel Gonzalez has a high energy and unusual website collecting some of his work including works on canvas, performance, video, sculpture and site specific installation art here.  We can all be grateful that someone is bringing magic, sexy, delirious and energetic back to the art world.  I would speculate that spaces of freedom are created when an artist takes a wrecking ball to the conventions.

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