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Artist Tip: Sharper Edges With Masking Tape

February 11, 2011

I purchased some Golden GAC-500 acrylic medium based on a product knowledge book I previously blogged about; using this material has resulted in sharper edges on masked out sections of canvases, both over the primed surface and layers of applied paint.  The GAC-500 prevents wet paint from seeping under the edges of the tape.  It dries clear and is very matte.  I have been using it like a sealer by brushing the liquid on the edges where the tape meets the canvas.  I use it in instances when layers of acrylic paint or oil paint will go over the top of the GAC-500.  I do not recommend ever applying any acrylic based paint or medium over the top of oil paints; I have seen people do it, but it is my experience that acrylic does not bond to the surface of oils.  Also, the GAC-500 makes pulling up the tape easier, resulting in very little to zero damage to the finished paint film.

I have an hierarchy of favorite masking tapes.  I get very sharp lines and edges with a lime green masking tape sold in auto parts stores.  The next best thing is the standard blue painter’s tape sold in home improvement and hardware stores.  The regular, cheap beige masking tape, preferably low adhesion drafting tape for drawing, is my third best choice for masking on the surface of a painting.  All of the tapes I have used have made sharper lines with taking an additional step of using GAC-500.

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