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How to Use Chopsticks by Shellie Lewis                        

February 1, 2011

How to Use Chopsticks by Shellie Lewis

Enamel paint pen; pearlized, metallic and interference and matte acrylic paints on canvas, 12” x 36” [30.5 x 91.4m]

Many wrappers on chopsticks try to give pictorial instructions on their use.  Has anyone ever learned how to hold chopsticks from the wrapper?  My observation is that the friend that knows how to use them generally shows whomever needs to know at the table.  I once knew a Japanese waitress named Yaeko who wold make “powr chopsticks” out of the wrapper and a rubber band, like she would for small children, so people unfamiliar with holding chopsticks could get used to the proper way to use them.  Using the utensil to spear food lke a skewer doesn’t count.

This painting fits in well with my ambitions to make a phenomenological work that cannot be photographed accurately or is destroyed by photograqphy.  I am considering this painting a success.  The lines of the graphical images are silver and were hard to photograph intact; I had to photograph the painting in very low diffuse light.  I used two difference kinds of light interference paint and different surface textures.  This painting is very lovely in person.  There are a lot of variations in the surface based on lighting situations and viewing angle.

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