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"Life in a Day" Online Film Release

January 28, 2011

I blogged this on July 19, 2010 and put a clip into the project and wound up on their email list.  The film was streamed yesterday 1/27/2011 and at the time of this blog post the email is less than 24 hours old, so the email must have gone out right before the live premiere.  The YouTube home page indicates that it cannot rebroadcast in the USA. WTF?  Kind of pointless, really:

We received a staggering 80,000 clips of film from all around the world for potential inclusion in the film – about 4,500 hours. With so much wonderful footage available to us choosing what to include in the film was extremely difficult. We honestly could have made many more films from all of the material received, so don’t be disheartened if your footage was not included in the final film! We probably thought it was beautiful material but just didn’t have room in a 90 minute film to include it. Remember that the videos in the Life In A Day gallery have already received over 5 million views and this historic archive, of what life was like on 24th July 2010, will live on at www.youtube.com/lifeinaday.

The live stream of the world premiere will take place on the Life in a Day channel (www.youtube.com/lifeinaday) today, Thursday 27th January at 8pm EST. Outside of the US you can tune in for the re-broadcast at 7pm on Friday, January 28, in your local time zone. This will be your only chance to see Life in a Day before it is released across the world later in 2011.

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