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Artist of the Week: Carrie Mae Weems

January 16, 2011

Photographer Carrie Mae Weems is a very important African-American femal artist and has a nice exhibit of a series of her work currently on display at the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She is known for her rich black and white photography and for creating narratives in her photographs.  She treats each work as an illustration -a point in time- for which there is a greater story surrounding the image.  There is usually text placed with the image; in this exhibit, framed blocks of text are hung on the wall beside each photograph.  This acts like a storybook, guiding you through the communications of the artist.

The work of Carrie Mae Weems is about deeper meaning; it is not to look pretty or show off her skills as a photographer but exists to communicate.  She deals with issues surrounding identity, social class, politics, gender and ethnicity.  Seeing an exhibit of her work is what inspired Mickalene Thomas to study art and take up painting.



See more of Carrie Mae Weems work at her portfolio website here.

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