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"Shade" by Simon Heijdens

December 30, 2010


London based Simon Heijdens is responsible for this installation art work created from switchable transparent film and an electric current, all of which is mounted on large glass windows in a pattern of triangles.  From what I was able to learn, the installation is connected to a sensor outside of the building; the sensor tracks the passing of the wind, then the artist’s self-developed software uses the sensor readings to create the patterns of activating and deactivating the switchable film.  If there is no wind, the wall is in its solid translucent state.

Shade grabbed my attention right away from outside the exhibit, and I loved seeing it from the interior.  It was like watching running water.  The design is brilliant, the technological is mimicking something with such a natural flow; people that may have been talking or moving around more quickly all slowed down and went silent, stopped and fell into watching the flow.  Light patterns from the piece dappled the walls and the floor, adding to the effect of the work.   

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