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Artist Tip: Conserving Odorless Mineral Spirits

December 30, 2010

It is really important to use OMS (odorless mineral spirits) when working with oil colors in a confined, indoor space.  I have two brands I recommended here; and there is another thing I do to conserve these, because they are not inexpensive.  I keep a canister of plain old hardware store mineral spirits -the brain cell destroying, wood varnish eating, garden variety cheap mineral spirits- under the bathroom sink and use it to just clean brushes.  The OMS are used for painting and thinning oil paints; the nasty cheap stuff is used with a lot of rags or paper towels to clean paint off of palette knives and brushes.  Ventilate as much as you can if you use a regular solvent to clean; for myself, I can open the bathroom window and close the bathroom door.  I may not have that many brain cells to spare that it would make so much of a difference, but my dogs really need all of theirs.

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