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Artist of the Week: Hung Liu

December 26, 2010

               “Bluebird XI” by Hung Liu, painting with resin layers on wood panel

Hung Liu is a contemporary artist with an arts education from both China and University of California San Diego.  She has her own unique style that is like traditional Chinese painting combined with looser expressions from Western paintings and informed by collage art.  Hung Liu has an array of larger, starting at about three foot square or bigger, works like the one above; she paints a layer of the painting, then a company applies a clear layer of “bar top” resin, another layer is painted and so on until several layers are built up.  You can see the depth difference of the paint layers if you move around the work and look at it closely.  Translucence and a metallic gold were a part of the work.  They are extremely beautiful in person; this painting was incredibly beautiful in person. 

           “Relic X” by Hung Liu, oil on canvas and lacquered wood, 66” x 66”, 2005

The paintings feature women, birds, moths and butterflies, flowers, bats and loose brushwork patterns and flowing paint.  She has an amazing sense as a colorist and the paintings glow in person.

See more of her work at her portfolio site through her gallery representative here.  She has an artist resume online here.

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