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Visual Culture: Post-Modern Feedback Loops

December 7, 2010

If anything is digitally Post-modern, it is the leaps from media of different sources and different intentions that go on to create feedback loops from their original source.  I saw a news clip on TV last night where a professional football player did an end zone victory dance after a touchdown which was an homage to a large guy on YouTube who has a video of the exact sames dance move, then the newscaster did the dance move in imitation of the football player who was imitating the guy in the YouTube video.

These videos have gone so crazy viral even I can’t ignore them.  I saw them at a party recently and have run into other people talking about the video.  One Mr. Antoine Dodson editorialized at length on the local news in Huntsville, Alabama about an attempted sexual assault against his sister.  The underlying news story is horrible, but people latched onto the verbiage and personality of Antoine Dodson and have run amok making YouTube music videos and mash-ups, turning the outspoken resident into an overnight eLebrity.  I like the T-Pain style remix and found one where this remix mash-up was further parodied in the same video with an Elton John style on piano.  Anyway, I’m old, so T-Pain is like Hip Hop Frampton Comes Alive to me (okay and cooler and more current, just not created in a vacuum).  Here’s the news clip that went national and the one mash-up video I just described.

Original news clip [some tags from poster]:


Mash-up music video with self referential parody included:

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