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I found another “War is Trauma” piece

December 7, 2010

I found another “War is Trauma” piece in my hood.  It looks like a silkscreen on paper, maybe about 14” x 18” – basically a small poster.  I caught a camera phone picture of it.  It is on a side street around the corner from the large multiple image piece previously posted.

The great collage street art graffiti stencil that I put up yesterday did not make it through 24 hours.  A chain link fence with the weird green mesh tarp plastic on it was placed around the whole building.  Never mind that this frigging mess of a building has sat empty for who know how many years and had two rusting pick up trucks next to it with for sale signs for at least two years.  I could still see the edges of the piece, so it seemed to be intact on the plywood of the boarded up windows.  This is an instance of my Graffiti Magnet Theory™, whereby if you paint it, they will come.  It is the civic mindset such a thing must be switftly smited lest it attract more.  (Duly smited.)

It would just be a lot easier on the whole city if they would just have areas that allowed people to tag, paint, post bills or whatever to their heart’s content, a lovely anarchic free-for-all.  People are going to do it anyway, if there were sanctioned areas to go at with a spray can or street art piece, it may curb the cost of the city constantly running down and eradicating graffiti all over the place because a portion of it spray painting would be in the sanctioned areas.  If there were spots in the each neighborhoods that could be open for public use, maybe there would be less someone would elect to use people’s homes and garages for a canvas.  Maybe that only makes sense to me.  Someone is going to get their panties in a twist over gang tags if sanctioned art areas were ever suggested but I don’t think the gang crowd would be attracted to a sanctioned area for street art, they are usually marking territory.  I’m thinking more of the kids I knew for whom that was their only access to art for the longest time and they knew how to paint with spray cans and did it well.

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