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Awesome Knitting Tip: How You Can Knit Chunky Patterns for Cheap

November 16, 2010


Making large bulky knits usually costs a lot, because the thick yarn is expensive.  I have a trick to get around the need to buy bulky yarn and it is easy. 

It’s cold and crummy out, so I’ve felt the urge to make a few hats and scarves.  (The people around me are benefiting greatly.)  I like to knit and have patterns for “bulky” knits, items that knit up quickly on large sized needles with wide, thick yarn.  This hat I did for a friend was a pattern I just did on my own without a pattern.

Here’s the trick.  Look at the pattern for the bulky knit item or the needles you want to use, you need to know the size of the needles in millimeters.  I did this hat on US size 17 needles (two circular needles).  A US  size 17 needle is 12mm wide.

If you read the labels of the yarns you want to use, it should indicate a recommended needle or crochet hook size both the the USA / UK size and the millimeter thickness.  I added up the numbers from the yarns until they were 12mm total.  You can usually go over or fall short by 2mm without a problem.  I used a multicolored thick yarn and two strands of furry black “eyelash” yarn, knitting the hat while holding all three yarns together.  I look for sale yarns that are sometimes as low as $1 – $3 a skein for projects like these.

I’ve paired in sock yarns, sport weight yarns, worsted weight, novelty yarns and more.  It is fun because you can mix and match colors and textures.  I usually try to keep the number of yarns being pulled together between two to five.  I just put the yarn balls in a large salad bowl so I can pull yarn loose from the balls, letting them unwind together without rolling all over the place.  I knit four large bulky sweaters for gifts using this method.

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