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Fun Photography Backdrop

November 9, 2010

If you have a charity or fund raising event, consider making a fun photography backdrop for people to interact with.  I made this one out of materials for the hardware store.  The event was a beach & Hawaiian luau themed dog adoption event and fundraiser.  Here are the steps and materials I used:

  • SURF BOARD: Pink thick rigid Styrofoam insulation board, cut with a jig saw, sanded with a palm power sander, primed, and painted with household latex.  The edges of the stripes were taped off.
  • SEA-SCAPE: Two 4’ x 8’ x 3/4” sheets of heavy plywood were primed with light blue tinted primer.  I taped off an edge for where the sea meets the sky, using a lot of newspaper to cover and protect the sky part, then I used a can of blue spray paint for the water.  I used beige household latex for the sand and put a little brown acrylic in part of it to make the wet area of the sand look darker.  I painted the clouds, waves and sea foam with white acrylic.  A canvas tarp made the “sand” for people to stand on.

I would have helped if the backdrops were a little bigger, but this was done on short time.  The surf board was a little too “life sized” for its own good.  I you stood at the right distance and angle, the photographs came out really good and had all of the elements in frame.  This photograph shows the whole set up from a distance.  The surf board was kept between the seams of the two panels of plywood.

If I had to do this again, I may have used a large primed canvas tarp to paint on.  It would have been lighter and easier to move, although the paint may have cracked and flaked off the surface.   Having a frame to stretch it on may have worked.  The plywood panels were easy to prop upright and they were very flat with no wrinkles or warping.

People liked it, a lot of photos were taken and a good time was had by all.  If you or someone you know have room in your home and would like a short, floppy eared hound, check with a local rescue group.   My basset hounds were adopted from:


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