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Artist Tip: Steam Distilled Water

November 5, 2010

I had a jug of steam distilled water around while I was working, and I used this to thin acrylic paints because it was nearby.  It had a noticeably different effect from tap water.  The paints thinned faster, more evenly and more smoothly in the steam distilled water.

The chlorine, fluorides and particulate matter in regular tap water must be enough to chemically affect how acrylic paints handle.  I guess water isn’t just water and invite you to buy some steam distilled water and try it out.

I was using stream distilled water as a part of this technique here.

The process has been really fun to experiment with.  Rings of color and variations from matter, semi-gloss, gloss and metallic are created.  I painted a thick layer of solid aged copper green color with a few splotches of lighter green on it, then I did the process in four thin layers to be the background of the painting.

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