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Artist of the Week: Joel Veitch

October 9, 2010

Inspired by Monty Python and driven by goofiness, Joel Veitch is the creator of RatherGood.com which has a focus on animation.  The characters are often unusual animals which are paired with silly songs or more poplar music tracks.

These videos are for fun, cross market into advertising and also into physical merchandise, especially t-shirts.

A lot of people became aware of his creation, weird composite characters named Sponge Monkeys, which were used in a Quiznos submarine sandwich chain restaurant commercial.

Link to revisit “Gay Bar” by Electric Six in time for National Coming Out Day on October 11th:



The Laibach industrial Communist kitten regime is a favorite of mine, although it is better on Joel Veitch’s home page where the track loops continually.  Go there and find it and other truths, including the enduring truth: the Internet is made of cats:

Collage and live video come together with an intentionally flat and fake style in an age where the digital is most frequently focused on hyper-reality; that is part of why RatherGood.com videos work and are funny.  I feel that maybe people tire of digital hyper-reality and it seems to me like old movies with analog special effects like scale models and painted backgrounds are relics from another century instead of two decades ago.

See his website and more videos at:


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