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Calder’s sculpture “Flamingo” in Chicago

October 6, 2010

I took these photos of the Calder’s sculpture “Flamingo” in Chicago when there were not too many people walking around the plaza.  You get an idea of the large scale of the work from a few people, but there are no large groups of people blocking the view when I shot these.  That almost never happens; usually if you have good light the plaza is mobbed.

I found a short write-up on the piece here which is below:

Calder’s Flamingo


Alexander Calder’s abstract stabile anchors the large rectangular plaza bordered by three Bauhaus style federal buildings designed by Mies van der Rohe. The sculpture’s vivid color and curvilinear form contrast dramatically with the angular steel and glass surroundings. However, Flamingo is constructed from similar materials and shares certain design principles with the architecture, thereby achieving successful integration within the plaza.  Despite its monumental proportions, the open design allows the viewer to walk under and through the sculpture, leading one to perceive it in relation to human scale.

50 W. Adams St
Chicago, IL 60610 Hours:

Daily – 24 hours




And see that?  It’s open for viewing 24 hours a day free of charge… because it’s outside.  Only in Chicago does that have to be specifically stated because the taxes and fees in this city are that insane.

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