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Basic Information: Cheap Painting Surfaces

October 1, 2010
My friend Noelle was over recently and we were taking photographs of her current paintings and decided to shoot some old work of hers.  Some of the works were done on the cheapest of all possible materials for the sake of learning how to handle the paint and practice more often.

Many of the paintings were done in oil paints on poster board.  Many of the poster boards were yellow, orange or another color, much in the way that pastel artists will start with a colored piece of paper and let some of that color show through.  An area around the edges had been taped off and the boards were not even primed or gessoed.

Each still life study took up nearly the whole surface of the poster board it is painted on; this is an interesting way to learn, work big and work cheaply.  These will degrade, since there is no primer or gesso; but they are just studies.  I think a lot of people feel like they have to work on canvas or panel, which can be cost prohibitive when you are just starting out.  The poster boards were an economical way a clever college professor, Jerry Snyder at the College of Sante Fe (circa 2008), thought up to be a surface for students.


Since paint handles a lot different than sketching media, Noelle has taken what she learned with using poster boards and will paint on cardboard.  Cardboard is usually easy to get and free, and she can work freely and experiment on the cardboard while saving her canvases for more involved works later.

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