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The Art Teacher Arrested for Recording Police in Public: Part 2

September 26, 2010

I found a source of updates on this legal case regarding the arrest of an artist here in Chicago, which I posted on June 2, 2010:


This is related to a similar arrest in Maryland:


The artist in question, Christopher Drew, has a blog here: http://www.c-drew.com/blog/category/arts-policy-free-speech/

I also found a video interview from last spring.  I was at this protest, too!  I now know what the artist looks like; I know this guy!  He gave me a silkscreen patch advocating freeing Tibet and supporting Native American sovereignty at a Manifest Urban Arts Festival for Columbia College.  I had the patch pinned on my backpack until it was a tattered rag.  I love this guy, he very friendly and outgoing; he cares about a lot of issues.  Drew crops up around Chicago kind of randomly at art festivals and events. He often sits on the sidewalk with a small silk screen or two, inks and a squeegee, giving away little patches cut from reclaimed t-shirts and other items.  Also, I am delighted to have now learned from Drew’s blog that the deliciously infamous Attorney Mark Weinberg has argued on his behalf!

The initial court hearing was interesting for a) all of the times Atty. Weinberg gets interrupted, and b) the apparent assumption on behalf of the judge that the Drew was acting to willfully break the law rather than protect his interests.  The court document is good reading:


Christopher A. Drew
Executive Director
Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center
Free Speech Artists Movement

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