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Watch "The Scrap House"

September 26, 2010

This forty-five minute documentary from National Geographic shows recycled materials, primarily retrieved from garbage dumps and other trash sites, to build a a spacious and inviting house.  I like this program so much, I’ve seen it more than once.  If anyone is interested, please engage in comments and discussion on this film.  I think inspiration to rethink how we approach housing is more important in our present difficult economic situation.  “The Scrap House” is interesting to me as an artist as it shows a great deal of creativity enlisted for problem solving.

** Update: 9/29/2010 – Dish Network bought out the website that was hosting this show; it is also gone from Hulu.  I had to pull down the embed window, nothing was there anyway.  I will try to embed the video if I find it again.  😦

Website here: http://www.scraphouse.org/Documentary

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