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“Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, Man” by Shellie Lewis

September 23, 2010


“Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, Man” by Shellie Lewis

Acrylics, gloss medium, sequins, beads and stone cross on canvas, 36” x 36”.

Behold, the Kool-Aid man descends from the heavens, but as the bringer of false religion.  I just finished this painting this week.  I think part of the reason this painting is hilarious is because it is so big in person; the red contrasting with the blue makes you look at it.  I also wrapped some clouds around the edges which are also blue.

With certain whacks grabbing media headlines for trying to barbecue books, I can’t help but reflect that there is a certain whacky element in our culture that lends itself to religious extremism.  I don’t hear stories like these from Continental Europe or the UK.  So what do we Americans say when we learn of religious extremists or talk about people that bought in on a damaging fringe theology?  “They drank the Kool-Aid.”

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