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Artist of the Week: Mike Hussar

September 18, 2010


I once tried to describe the “low-brow scene” in art sales to my boyfriend and totally failed.  Mike Hussar in California -a state that has always seems to have its own detached and unique art market- is a good example of a successful low-brow scene artist.  These are artists that typically reject the popular conceptual teachings of academic institutions regarding theory and criticism, are not working the traditional fine art gallery scene for a career pedigree or angling for museum recognition.  Instead, they build their own following, use non-traditional venues to show their work and strive to remain independent.  Low-brow scene artists will resonate with different subcultures and have enthusiastic followings.

I know a number of academic critics that would reject this work as “illustration” and not “true” painting. Instances like this identification division is where you, most likely as a student in an art college, will run into enforcement of the high / low or fine art / mass media boundaries.  For me, Mike Hussar’s work takes dark Gothic riffs on classicism and the traditional canon.

“Vasoline” [detail] 2002 – oil on canvas, original 72” x 84”

If you have had the privilege of a post-secondary art education and you carried in notions that art is inclusive and there are no rules, an entire set of people will work their hardest to beat those notions out of your mind with diligence; so having a Mike Hussar buck the system and make rare, bloody, grilled cheeseburgers out of so many sacred cows is refreshing.  Rogues and low-brows, anyone who is bucking the system, save you from having the same ideology and same artists shoved down your throat in repetition; someone brought in images of his work for a presentation on a favorite artist in a painting class and faced immediate derision.  Such is the narrow minded homogeneity of many college and universities, so be aware of the pitfalls and try to resist singing the party song too loudly.

Mike Hussar’s portfolio web site is at:


See a guy that has taken art instruction with Hussar get a tattoo of the painting below at this link:


[The embed option was disabled; video after the link is 5:39” long.]

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