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Visual Culture: This Looks Shopped

August 25, 2010

I can tell because of the Photoshop tools windows open.  🙂  If this is a botched advertisement, HOW anyone, probably more than one person, managed this is amazing.  If this was done like this intentionally as a form of culture jamming, it is brilliant.  HackedIRL.com is filing it under culture jamming; so I will side with that, but I have seen my share of computer incompetence in corporate workplaces.

This brings me around to the This Looks Shopped blog at:


This site is dedicated to busting visual fakery on a daily basis.  They want not for materials.  Often this site manages to post the original image with the Photoshop modified image.  This shows the dramatic shift in visual communication.  Today, with digital media putting journalism in a state of massive upheaval about truth in representation, photographs can no longer be assumed to have captured reality.

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