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Keyboard by Shellie Lewis

August 20, 2010


Keyboard, Acrylics and computer keys on canvas, 8” x 8” by Shellie Lewis

If I ever had a painting that I didn’t know what to do with, this is it!  It took a long time to pull apart the keyboard and break off the plastic tabs on the back of each key with some heavy duty wire cutters.  I wound up with blisters from al the grabbing and twisting.  Then I got the keys glued in place and spray painted a nice coat of glossy black over them in a few layers.

Where I screwed up was when I tried to add some hand painted effects and the two different brands of acrylic paints did not like each other and pulled away from the surface I applied them to, basically the paints failed to adhere.  So I wound up clawing those applications off with my fingernails and was going to throw the whole thing in the garbage.  Then I applied a weird black glossy paint with a faint glitter in it to the whole mess and let it dry.

I should have stopped at the last layer of spray paint… darn it, darn it, darn it!  I will have to scavenge another keyboard and start over, doing just that.  I can’t decide if this painting is trash or treasure, interesting hand-crafty or just crappy.  I do like how I arranged the keys themselves.  Maybe I will put it out for sale at an early fall art walk I will be showing at and see if anyone likes [buys] this ugly duckling.  I can’t be objective about it because 1) this painting did not go as planned, and 2) I put a lot of work into it.  Someone may find this to be fantastic and wonderful.  I finished this over weeks ago and I’m still in a snit over it.  Sometimes you get that painting that makes you uncomfortable or just plain ticks you off and that helps you propel forward to something else.

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