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David Hockney After David Hockney by Shellie Lewis

August 16, 2010


David Hockney After David Hockney, 24” x 36” Acrylics on canvas by Shellie Lewis

I put a lot of time into this painting, more than usual.  I was picky about colors, to have the work to be my own painting and not necessarily a perfect rendition of the original images.  I also put a lot of fuss into the painting carrying over onto the edges.  Maybe I was also afraid Hockney would Google himself, find this painting and think it was crap.  That would be a great email or comments link to read.  I saw your portrait of me, and I think it is crap…

I had a lot of fun putting this painting together; it is based on a popular photograph of Hockney which I have seen converted into different art works and it was my plan to combine the portrait photo with a painting of his that felt like it fit nicely.  The pool painting appears to originally have been a watercolor; the Hockney retrospective book does not cite media or sizes for the paintings [Surprise, surprise!  Is this another attempt to prevent intentional copies from proliferating?  I think so.]

I consider this another painterly Pop Art piece with elements of my ideas of phenomenology in painting included; which is more subtle in this work, I only put gloss medium over the water, the watch face and the eyeglasses.  Overall, I like how this painting came out.  It’s fun and a nice tribute.  Now I feel some Regretsy Math coming on:

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