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Video: Art on Track 2010

August 8, 2010


I tried to get a bit of everyone’s work in this video.  There were a lot of people crowding around, so it was hard to move freely.  A total of seven commuter train cars comprised the gallery space for this show.

Artists had from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to set up and install their work in the cars.  Some cars were a cohesive, single artwork and some were shared spaces by multiple artists or groups.  There was a wide range of works present and viewers were having a lot of fun.

I dropped music on as a soundtrack after about a minute because the clatter of the train and everyone yapping was very distracting to try and see the work on video.  It was really loud in there, as a commuter train is loud.  Talking Heads songs were being piped overhead in many cars in repetition, but it was not very audible most of the time. 

The main drawback to this show is that it did make me a bit motion sick; L trains are very bumpy, sway and shimmy a lot. The train kept going around the Loop track and the driver took the corners a bit faster than I liked, so I had it after a few laps.  I had to take a different train home and parked it on the couch with a bottle of seltzer water until I felt stable again.  Next time, I will bring Dramamine.  

8-18-2010 Update: I had to upload a low res copy of this video; something went sideways with YouTube.  I had watched a few times and so had friends, then there were errors in the video, like the soundtrack being off and partially missing, video slowing down, etc.  I think the YouTube had something on their side.  Too bad, I just deleted a video that had 375 views and uploaded a lower res copy of it. 

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