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The Art of Hockey?

August 2, 2010

The Chicago Blackhawks Convention has come and gone, and thanks to my Hockey Blogger Boyfriend, I was there for the whole enchilada.  Some may think this would be an unlikely venue to find art, but art goes everywhere!

Three artists spoke to me about their work.  I was a little too clumsy with the interviews and the background noise was epic; now I know why directional microphones were invented.  I had fun pulling this together; and though I wanted it to go up last Saturday night, my computer was being evil and causing rage issues.  [Technology failure = rage.]  By Sunday night, I was rather cranky after three days of hockey, hockey, hockey; but Hockey Blogger Boyfriend plied me with sushi and two new Manga, restoring my will to live after five hours spent in autograph lines.  I hope people enjoy the video and it helps these artists out.  🙂

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