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A tale of two monopods

July 30, 2010


I bought a new “professional monopod” with a retail price of $49.99 USD when I bought my Flip camera.  It was well constructed and 62” tall, had a puffy foam grip; it was a big help to steady a camera and very portable.  The monopod came in a nice box at the tech store where I bought it but did not have a noticeable brand name.

Somewhere along a busy semester last May, I either lost it or it was stolen. The art school I was enrolled in had ridiculous amounts of theft.  If you didn’t hold all of your things in a death grip, constantly, something got jacked.  That’s just a little too hard to manage on a daily basis.  Last I knew, I had it buckled to my backpack.  In a previous semester, someone slipped up behind me in the library when I was seated at a computer looking up call numbers for books for a research paper and stole my new rain jacket off the back of my chair.  Offices and classrooms were frequently broken into and stripped of laptops, projectors and other electronics.  I had my share of things stolen prior to graduation.  Try as hard as I could, I realized I was up against pros.

I was really disappointed to not have a monopod anymore and lacked the money to replace it.  Then I noticed that the Wal-Mart I was going through for household supplies had a section of DSLR cameras with the electronics department.  I checked the area out and I was really happy to find a new, taller monopod for $14.99 USD.  It is a 67” Targus, actually nicer for being a bit lighter and having the option to have a rubber foot or landscape spike to steady the camera.  The thumb latches are handy and there is a wrist strap.  I like this monopod more.

That will teach me to comparison shop and not gleefully accessorize away in the future.  One stop shopping without research is its own punishment.  And to try and discourage migration of my newer new monopod, I wrote my website and name across it in silver paint marker.

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