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Artist of the Week: G. Brad Lewis

July 17, 2010

G Brad Lewis 01



G. Brad Lewis has made a particular name for himself in the realm of nature photography: he is The Volcano Man.  I recently saw an interview with him on t.v., and he emphasized a few points of his work.  Timing is everything, he described timing as “very crucial” because events he captures may be short lived, 24 hours long or less; he keeps his camera bag and equipment at the ready to respond to a call of an event at any time of the day or night.  The conditions are harsh, damaging his skin and clothing, melting the soles of his boots.  He has to be aware of his surroundings, always put safety first and -inevitably- he has to replace damaged photography equipment on a regular basis.

“As a photographer, this volcano offers moving, liquid light; that’s the main thing that grabbed me, and has fascinated me ever since I first saw it.  There’s nothing quite like molten lava in different lights, especially as it interacts with the ocean, all the movement and light is very fascinating.”

G Brad Lewis 02



He expressed that the kinetic nature of the lava made him feel that the planet is alive and expressed he hopes his work will help people respect the earth and nature a little more.

G. Brad Lewis’ portfolio site is here.

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