July 11, 2010


May 14, 2010 I am fully fed up with these signs on the train stops about “unwanted pregnancy?” that ALL have this sad black girl, because -you know- only sad black girls suffer from unwanted pregnancies, not anyone like Bristol Palin. It’s also semi-autobiographical because when my friend Phil finds something inappropriate, like someone tells a bad joke, he points it out by saying “racism lol”. It is hard to interpellate a viewer, there were many ways I could have vandalized this sign, the old spray paint or paint marker scrawl, so using Post-Modernist irony of making the sign as form of vandalization pretty, cute and shiny -have “lol :)” – and lighthearted is in intentional dissonance with the fact that I’m accusing the advertising poster of being racist. People may think it is supposed to be there, looks professionally made (it is, by me): then they actually read it and go “WTF?” It is my intention to disrupt the message of the sign and direct attention to how the sign is advertising its message, and the intended viewer is a single ethnicity. These signs don’t show different kinds of women faced with the problem of an unwanted pregnancy, maybe someone that was just diagnosed with cancer that has some tough choices to make? No, they are all the same young black girl or woman.

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