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Artist of the Week: William Kentridge

June 19, 2010


William Kentridge is a South African artist known for his rich charcoal drawings, film and fusion of charcoal drawings and photography as animation. He works and reworks the charcoal on the page while photographing it to make the film, which is another of the traditional media and new media fusions that I like so much.

He has a longer animation series where the nation of South Africa and the effects of apartheid is correlated to a sick man.  The project is huge, this is just a section and the excellent description in the YouTube link give indication of how detailed the whole work is.

William Kentridge has good ties to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and I have seen many displays of his work there.  The last one was – I think a total of – twelve videos he had done in black and white which were beautifully projected simultaneously onto the walls in one large gallery space and were looping continually.

Here is the Art:21 biography and more links: http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/william-kentridge/

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