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“Regretsy Tribute” by Shellie Lewis

June 11, 2010


“Regretsy Tribute”

Metallic purple and silver acrylic ink and glitter on canvas, 8” x 8”.

This is a tribute to blogger and recently published author April Winchell of Regretsy.com.  This meem is described as being “Where DIY meets WTF” and lampoons Etsy.com.  April wittily mocks the awkward, useless, bizarre, made without skill, ugly, silly and nauseating creations from Etsy.  There are some of the weirder ones in the art category:

Or maybe:

And an old Regretsy fan favorite:

April maintains two aspects of this site that amuse me: the designation of an item as being “total fuckery” – as in a waste of time, materials and lacking in any value or function whatsoever; and the Zazzle Store, where one may purchase the shiny, whimsicle fuckery (which is at least cute or kinda cute), and items that refer to Regretsy blog posts.  The Zazzle proceeds go to charities and non-profits to help people.

So I felt some word art coming on.  A true word art piece is just text alone.  “Text as Image” and word art paintings have a well established niche in the museum system, with artists like:

On Kawara.  I figure pretty soon every museum will get one.  As time progresses, another date is available.

1960s Pop artist Ed Ruscha, still busy today:

And Christopher Wool:

At least mine has Zazzle, with the shiny glitter.

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