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Artist of the Week: Audrey Flack

June 7, 2010


It always seems that Chuck Close is the poster boy for Photo-Realism, when Audrey Flack was in fact the first Photo-Realist painter to have work accepted to MoMA NYC. I cannot understand why the Gardner’s art history text skipped over her entirely and inquiry with a college professor indicated it may perhaps be that she “didn’t attend the right parties.”  Audrey Flack is my Artist of the Week in the interest in leveling the playing field a little more.

Audrey struggled to work in the light of a slide projector to make her large-scale, labor intensive paintings.  She worked with the genre still-life and materials that had a personal meaning to her, when a lot of Photo-Realist paintings had popular culture motifs, especially those of cars and motorcycles.  More recently in her career, she has focus on large scale, monumental Goddess-type statues that have a bit of an Art Deco flair.

Her website is very spare and does not show a lot of her work, it is streamlined to some favorites:


An excellent book covering her work is Breaking the Rules: Audrey Flack, A Retrospective 1950 – 1990 by Thalia Gouma-Peterson which can be had on Amazon as of this writing for $5.50 and up plus shipping:


“We are All Light and Energy” – self-portrait, 1981; acrylic and oils on canvas, 46” x 66”

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