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Basic Information: Brush Care

May 31, 2010

This is a basic article for the novice.   A well cared for brush is a long-lasting brush.

Link: Basic Information: Brush Care


Follow these tips to keep your brushes in top working condition.

When loading, using or cleaning, work hairs in their natural direction.

Do not leave a brush soaking in liquid for long periods, especially resting on its bristles.

Never allow paint to dry on your brush or work its way into the ferrule.

Clean your brushes thoroughly and promptly with a cleaning solution suited to the media used. For best results, use a brush cleaner and always read the instructions given on the paint/cleaner containers.

Store brushes so there is no pressure on the hair.

Brush Tub & Brush Tub II are designed to make it easy to clean your brushes quickly and thoroughly. Each tub has three separate chambers. Fill each with about 2 inches of water. During painting keep water in one of the small sides completely clean for dressing your brush. Use the other small section for swish rinsing and the large section with the ribs for thorough cleaning, especially at the end of your painting session.

To clean, pull brush along the ribs, low to high. Pull one direction only and then turn the brush over and do the same on the other side. The brush should make contact with the ribs on or as close to the ferrule as possible, so as not to cause damage to the hair and to help vibrate paint out of the ferrule.


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